Introduction HaitiTourisme
Introduction HaitiTourisme

New hope for Haitian art in Jacmel - LatinAmerica Press, 7 April 2004


Online companion to the Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou exhibition


Raw Vision magazine Salutes the Flags of Haiti's rich and complex Vodou culture by Salvatore Scalora


Despite Turmoil, Art Flourishes - Haitian Times article

Haiti's Vodou Blacksmiths - article about metal sculpture

A Raw Vision - article about Haitian art


Roots music special :

Feature on roots music band RAM

Roots music band Koudjay

Roots music band Foula Vodoule

Roots music band Tjovi Ginen

Article from The Wire on RAM and others

Roots music band Chandèl


Online companion to the Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou exhibition


Vodou and Carnival - See Leah Gordon's photos


Catholicism’s black sister from the National Catholic Reporter, December 4, 1998


Calendar of Vodou feasts and festivals


Voodoo Terror: (mis)representations of voodoo and western cultural anxieties


Ex-Swiss diplomat's vast collection of religious artefacts - Guardian article



New collection of stories by Félix Morisseau-Leroy - The Haitian Times


A militant, prophetic literature thrives alongside political disaster by Patrick Erouart-Siad


Answers to 15 of the most asked questions about Haitian Creole by Yves Dejean

Documents (including the Haitian Constitution) in Creole

Creole language web site


Rekindling Haitian cooking traditions in Miami - Sun Sentinel article

FIFA vice president inaugurates soccer training center in Haiti - Associated Press, April 2002

Robert Duval's soccer project - National Post article

Report on Haitian football from 1997

Soccer in Haiti on Bob Corbett's web site


Sources: Haiti Support Group